Lean is about the People

Oklahoma Community of Practice
Lean can be misguided by focusing on process and tools. Often, we forget the #1 Tenet, “Respect for People.” If Lean doesn’t improve our work life and make work more enjoyable, What is the point? Have you wondered how to implement “respect for people”? With Lean tools, do you wonder why sometimes it works, while other times there is resistance? Respect for People is at the center of the tenets because without Respect for People, the other tenets fall short. Yet Respect for People is as complex as it is simple – a deep, complex topic that makes or breaks addressing the other five. This session will focus on how, why, and where we extend and withhold trust, how we judge people, and where our default internal wiring and learned ways of thinking impact the environments we create. You’ll take away tangible applications to immediately implement to intentionally impact cultures that truly put Respect for People in center.