Maximizing Project Performance through Data and Culture

Dive deep into the intricacies of operational excellence in construction. Understand the significance of accurate data collection, the transformative power of a collaborative culture, and the challenges that lie in over-collaboration.

Hear firsthand experiences from industry experts on how to leverage metrics, technology, and human factors for optimum outcomes. The panelists will also reveal how AI-backed progress data and collaboration turn into your Lean superpower, enhance visibility and significantly amplify your project performance.

You’ll leave this webinar with in-depth knowledge on how to explore data-driven metrics, what’s needed to successfully adopt new technology on-site and what cultural changes are needed in order to get your teams on board.

Learning Objectives:

1.Gain first-hand insights into which data-driven metrics have a direct link to your project performance;
2.Learn the secrets behind collecting accurate data that you can trust;
3.Understand the cultural shifts to engage your teams.

Register now and pave the way to effective collaboration and enhanced performance for your next construction project.