Shift The Safety Paradigm Using Injury & Fatality Research

Based on a 2023 LCI Congress presentation, Troy Ogden and Josh White from Brasfield & Gorrie (B&G), will speak about B&G’s STCKY Safety endeavor to use serious injury and fatality research to help rethink how safety is measured and managed. "STCKY (Stuff That Can Kill You) Safety" aligns closely with Lean Design and Construction principles and practices. It emphasizes developing capacities in people and systems, continuous improvement, collaboration, waste reduction, and empowerment of workers. By integrating these principles, construction firms establish a proactive safety culture that fosters better safety performance, effective collaboration, and a continuous flow of work product. 

Using real-world examples, Brasfield & Gorrie will:
1. Examine how injury rates have been declining while fatality rates are relatively unchanged.
2. Explore common causes of fatalities and the release of uncontrolled energy. 
3. Share Brasfield & Gorrie’s new emphasis on Stuff That Can Kill You (STCKY)