Torque Converters: Construction shifts into overdrive

Northern California Community of Practice

Learn how a high-executing, and established Construction / Architectural team meshed with fresh team members, including team members with limited Lean and IPD experience, for success.

How can improvement be born from disruption?  How best to integrate new team members?

  • Strong, successful, teams want to repeat success.
  • These high-horsepower groups want to take their momentum and roll on into the next project.
  • Bringing in new team members changes the project dynamic and requires teams to reassess their processes.
  • This model can lose the focus on continual improvement that can in-turn stifle growth. 
  • Different project types can require teams to adapt their approach.
  • Diversity in teaming can add fresh perspective and elevates the lean construction community by introducing new views and refined techniques.
  • Meshing seasoned individuals or teams with new partners takes careful consideration and can lead to pitfalls. 

We explore how building a project’s own unique culture through discipline and empathy can boost a team for the next generation of success.


  • Tom Martin, Stantec 
    Tom is an Architectural Project Director with over twenty years in design and construction. As a Senior Associate at Stantec he’s spent the last six years delivering healthcare construction projects in the IPD delivery method. Tom’s passion for Lean started in 2012 and since then he’s added great value to the LCI community mentoring designers, builders, and owners in the principles of IPD. He leads the Lean curriculum for the Western region at Stantec, facilitating their education.
  • Nick Norgaard,Del Monte Electric
    Nick is a Sr. Project Manager for Del Monte Electric with an emphasis in design build and IPD who is striving to use lean principles to help make MEP trade partnering a better place. His extensive experience in IPD and target value design demonstrate that he has a deep understanding of the collaborative nature of where this industry is headed.


Appetizers and Drinks will be provided