Individual Assessment

The growing implementation of IPD requires that professionals receive just-in-time training on the founding principles and strategies of Lean design and construction. However, practitioners might not only have the time to participate in continuous training, but they might also not have a self-awareness of their knowledge. To support future learning, an individual assessment instrument was developed so practitioners could assess their knowledge and efforts in implementing Lean principles, develop self-awareness, and self-regulate their journey towards- continuous improvement. The instrument was developed by leveraging experiences and literature in Lean construction principles as well as theories of self-regulated learning in educational psychology. The instrument has been implemented in several IPD projects and received over 100 responses. To validate the instrument’s effectiveness in developing such desired awareness, interviews were conducted after the implementation. The results from the interviews illustrate the instrument’s capability to support the development of an individual’s awareness of their knowledge, motivation, and efforts in applying Lean construction principles. With the instrument, we hope to promote the growth of individuals’ knowledge and efforts through the entire delivery process of a project.

The following video will provide you with an introduction to the assessment tools and its evaluation dimensions.
The following video will provide you with a tutorial on how to use the assessment instrument and how to interpret the results.

Lean Learning Health Assessment - Introduction

Lean Learning Health Assessment - Tutorial


As mentioned in the tutorial, one can either assess themselves in all of the paths or individual paths. You will automatically receive the results of the assessment to your email. Please click on the following links to either assess all of the paths or an individual path.

Lean Learning Health Assessment (5 paths)

Wisdom Path

Strategy Path

Mindfulness Path

Leadership Path

Integration Path

For any questions regarding the Lean Learning Health Assessment, please contact Fadi Castronovo, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Engineering, California State University,

To further support your learning journey please refer to the LCI publication Transforming Design and Construction.