May 23, 2024

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May 23, 2024

CoP virtual events provide ways to connect and learn!

Did you know that you could build depth and breadth of your network and lean knowledge through participation in local Community of Practice (CoP) events? CoPs continue to offer monthly opportunities for those around the country to participate in either virtual or hybrid events which is of benefit where there is no established CoP. Highlighted are virtual events (times advertised are that of the geographical location of the CoP) currently open for registration in the coming weeks:

May 28th – Carolinas CoP: Sweat Equity Improvement: A Compassionate Way to Improve Work

You will leave this event not only having learned to identify improvement opportunities, but also be outfitted with a proven approach to cultivating buy-in WITH our trades professionals. This method of micro level observations will accelerate efforts in building lasting relationships with our skilled workforce by removing ‘hard’ work from the workflow. Join guest speaker, Jesus “Jesse” Hernandez Jr. – Depth Builder.

Register here.

May 30th – San Diego CoP: Book Club: The Lean Builder (Part II of II)

In Part II, take part in a study action team (SAT) using The Lean Builder: A Builder’s Guide to Applying Lean Tools in the Field, Chapters 5-7. Thais Alves, PhD of San Diego State University, will facilitate the discussion. Participation in Part I of the Book Club is not required to participate in this second session.

Register here.

June 6th – DC Metro CoP: LCI Book Club Kickoff!

Join us for a summer book club. We will be reading Radical Candor by Kim Scott and discussing how its concepts relate to the Lean principle of Respect for People. As the publisher notes, “The idea is simple: You don’t have to choose between being a pushover and a jerk. Using Radical Candor—avoiding the perils of Obnoxious Aggression, Manipulative Insincerity, and Ruinous Empathy—you can be kind and clear at the same time.” We start with this virtual meeting, and from there we will use to keep the conversation going.

Register here.

June 11th – Greater Des Moines CoP:
LCI Lean Learning Series: Why Lean? The Impact on Project Delivery Outcomes

This topic introduces data supporting the impact of Lean on project outcomes. Participants will understand what owners value in design and construction and how designers and constructors can close the gap between owner expectations and typical project delivery. Don’t miss the return of Larry Cormicle, P.E., Leader Emeritus of the Greater Des Moines CoP as he leads us through this insightful discussion.

Register here.

LCI Events Calendar is your go-to resource for all regional CoP event offerings – in-person, hybrid and virtual. HINT: Bookmark and check back frequently!

Building Trust Through Reliable Promises

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and our curated content focuses on Lean tools that promote effective interpersonal communication, supporting positive mental health. In Lean design and construction, trust is essential for project success. It enhances respect, builds team confidence, and improves communication, ensuring that everyone knows what to expect.
However, in the current built environment, communication gaps and unfulfilled promises are common, leading to blame and significant waste. To address this, we emphasize the importance of making reliable promises and diligently tracking them to foster trust and collaboration.
Discover more about how reliable promises can transform your projects and support mental well-being by clicking the curated content banner.

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Greetings LCI Community!

There is a brand-new segment coming soon to the LCI Weekly, titled “5 Questions With…” and this is your invitation to participate. This column will feature insightful 5-question interviews with LCI members who are willing to share their Lean journey and experiences. Members frequently ask for insights into how others are implementing Lean. This series aims to facilitate that sharing and learning process.

About LCI Weekly: Published every Thursday, (you’re reading it now), the LCI Weekly reaches an audience of over 30,000 professionals who are passionate about Lean. By participating, your insights and expertise will add immense value to the publication and offer readers a unique glimpse into your Lean journey.

How It Works: As the name suggests, the interview consists of just five questions. Your responses, totaling under 750 words, may be edited for clarity and length by our editors. However, you will have the final approval of the copy before it is published.

What You’ll Provide:

  • Interview Responses: Answer the five questions provided below.
  • Headshot/Picture: To include with your article.
  • Professional Details: Your name, title, and company.
  • Optional Contact Information: If you wish to include this in the publication.

The Five Questions:

  1. What hurdles did you encounter when implementing Lean on a project (or in your company), and how did you tackle them?
  2. What stories can you share about a successful Lean project (Lean implementation effort) you were involved in and what do you think made it work?
  3. In your opinion, what are the biggest benefits of applying Lean and how have they impacted your projects, your teams, or your organization?
  4. How do you assess if your Lean game is strong; are there metrics or techniques you rely on and can share?
  5. If someone’s just dipping their toes into Lean, what advice would you offer from lessons you’ve learned?

Get Involved: Sharing your perspective with our readers would be an honor for LCI and would be of great value to our audience. If you’re interested in being featured, please email Maryann. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in the LCI Weekly.

Help us recognize design excellence by nominating a project team for the 2024 LCI Design Awards

Are you part of a design team that’s reshaping the landscape of construction through Lean principles? The Lean Construction Institute (LCI) Design and Design Engineering Awards celebrate exceptional design while championing collaborative Lean project delivery. Here’s your chance to showcase your innovative work and be recognized for advancing the industry.


The LCI Design Award honors projects that not only excel in design but also drive progress through Lean methodologies. It’s an opportunity to spotlight the architects, engineers, designers, clients, and constructors who collaborate to elevate the design and construction process, ultimately enhancing the built environment.


Nominate any project substantially completed after January 1, 2021, where Lean principles have been embraced in the design and construction phases. Whether you’re a member of LCI or part of a community passionate about Lean, you can nominate projects that showcase excellence and innovation.


Winners will be announced at the 2024 LCI Congress in San Diego, California, on October 24, 2024. The winning team will receive recognition for their outstanding achievements, with the opportunity to designate a representative to accept the award in person.

Evaluation Process

Design Award: Submissions will be evaluated by a jury. Weighting will be determined in the following manner: 50% Aesthetics; 50% on how Lean tenets (Generation of Value, Continuous Improvement, Respect for People, Optimize the Whole, Removal of Waste, Focus on Process and Flow) were used in the process to achieve the final project.

Design Engineering Award: Submissions will be evaluated by a jury. Weighting will be determined in the following manner: 50% fit for use and generation of value; 50% on how Lean tenets (Continuous Improvement, Respect for People, Optimize the Whole, Removal of Waste, Focus on Process and Flow) were used in the process to achieve the final project.

LCI Certifications: What does 3+ years of application mean?

When we refer to 3+ years of practical application of lean principles in a project setting, we mean hands-on experience where you’ve actively deployed, implemented, and used Lean principles, methods and tools on design and/or construction projects. This experience should demonstrate your ability to apply lean tools and techniques in real-world design and/or project scenarios.

Find out more

If you are just starting on your lean journey a few ways to get started:

  1. Utilize Lean Certification Refresher Resources now.
  2. Find opportunities in your current role or project to implement Lean principles, methods, and tools. Start with Plus/Delta’s at the end of meetings.
  3. Network and learn with others in your local Community of Practice.

If you already have 3+ years of experience applying Lean start your application here:

Start Now!

Upcoming Webinars

May 30, 2024
11:00 am – 12:30 pm ET
Principles of Target Value Delivery (TVD)

June 6, 2024
11:00 am – 12:30 pm ET
Optimizing Lean with AI and Performance-Driven Techniques

June 13, 2024
11:00 am – 12:30 pm ET
The Missing Element in LPS®: Project Level Planning

June 20, 2024
11:00 am – 12:30 pm ET
Intro to Industrialized Construction – More than Prefab

Get Inspired by Lean Guru Bill Seed
—and at the 2024 Congress!

Check out our interview with Bill Seed, a Lean pioneer and mentor to many in our community. Learn how he’s driven Lean transformation throughout his career—and join your community for more inspiration at the 2024 LCI Congress this fall in sunny San Diego. Registration opens next month!

Questions on the program? Contact Joan Piccariello.

Want to sponsor/exhibit at the 2024 LCI Congress?

Contact Ilene Goldberg, Manager, Strategic Partnerships at (703) 785-9087.

Sponsor and Exhibitor Information

2024 Congress

Get Lean Topics at Your Jobsite

You can enhance your job site with a Lean Construction Institute poster! These helpful visuals explain and guide your team through important Lean concepts. The posters are printer ready and can be scaled to your desired dimensions. Print downloads are available as a member benefit to LCI Corporate Members, otherwise are available for purchase.

Jobsite Posters

Lean Assessments

How strong is your Lean knowledge? Take a Lean assessment to determine your current state so you have a baseline for improvement. Lean assessments are available for individuals, teams, and organizations alike. Whether you’re new to Lean or are an experienced Lean practitioner, Lean assessments are a great way to get started at LCI!


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