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About The Lean Construction Institute

LCI is a non-profit organization created in 1997. Its purpose is to transform the design and build environment through reforming production management in design, engineering and construction for capital facilities. LCI has developed the Lean Project Delivery System™ (LPDS) that applies lean principles pioneered in manufacturing to construction. LPDS tools facilitate planning and control, maximize value, and minimize waste throughout the design and construction process. LCI’s national headquarters is located in Arlington, VA.


The Last Planner System®
Over time, it became apparent that contracts were becoming a central concern, with the shift from local to project optimization. Traditional contracting and organizational practices contributed to unpredictable workflow, and limited collaboration; it restricted the ability of the team to move money across boundaries – to invest here and now for a larger savings there and then. Traditional contracts did not prevent Lean Design and Construction, but they certainly did not help. Following a series of LCI-sponsored workshops to explore relational contracting practices, LCI board member Will Lichtig prepared a model Integrated Form of Agreement (IFOA), which soon became the basis for the Consensus Docs 300 series.

Rethinking Teamwork
Led by an experienced board of directors, LCI continues to advance the organization’s goals to establish a common vocabulary, explore basic research opportunities, enhance educational offerings, and explore best practices for Lean Design and Construction through our Communities of Practice (CoPs).

Lean Design and Construction is a response to customer and supply chain dissatisfaction with the results in the building industry. Construction labor efficiency and productivity has decreased, while all other non-farming labor efficiency has doubled or more since the 1960s. Currently, 70% of projects are over budget and delivered late. The industry still sees about 800 deaths and thousands of injuries per year. The industry is broken.

UHS Lean Project Delivery Guide

This set of materials developed by Universal Health Services (UHS) represents the best and most complete owner’s manual to Lean Design and Construction project delivery that we have encountered.