2009 Issue

2009 ISSUE

ISSN 1555-1369


  • “An Empirical Examination Of The Relationship Between Lean Construction And Safety In The Industrialized Housing Industry.”
    Isabelina Nahmens and Laura H. Ikuma
    pp. 1-12
    Paper in PDF
  • “An Application Of Popper’s Method Of Conjectures And Refutations To The Critique Of Emerging Construction Theories.”
    José L. Fernández-Solís
    Paper in PDF
  • “A Lean And Agile Construction System As A Set Of Countermeasures To Improve Health, Safety And Productivity In Mechanical And Electrical Construction.”
    Peter F Court, Christine Pasquire, and Alistair Gibb.
    pp. 61-76
    Paper in PDF
  • “Process Flow Improvement Proposal Using Lean Manufacturing Philosophy And Simulation Techniques On A Modular Home Manufacturer.”
    Guillermo J. Velarde, Daniel E. Saloni, Herman van Dyk, Maximiliano Giunta.
    Paper in PDF


  • “Creating Value: A Sufficient Way To Eliminate Waste In Lean Design And Lean Production.”
    A. Mossman
    pp. 13-23
    Paper in PDF
  • “Why Isn’t The UK Construction Industry Going Lean With Gusto?”
    A. Mossman
    pp. 24-36
    Paper in PDF

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