2017 Issue

2017 ISSUE

ISSN 1555-1369


  • “A Process-Social Perspective for Understanding Design Information Flow”
    Malak Al Hattab and Farook Hamzeh
    pp. 01-11
    Paper in PDF
  • “The concept of ‘institutional waste within the Construction industry’: A potential theoretical framework”
    Saad Sarhan, Christine Pasquire, and Andrew King
    pp. 12-24
    Paper in PDF
  • “Coordination Challenges of Production Planning & Control in International Mega-Projects: A Case Study”
    Luai M. El-Sabek and Brenda Y. McCabe
    pp. 25-48
    Paper in PDF
  • “Collaborative Team Procurement for Integrated Project Delivery: A Case Study”
    Robert Leicht, Allison Townes, and Bryan Franz
    pp. 49-64
    Paper in PDF



  • “This is Lean – Resolving the Efficiency Paradox by Niklas Modig and Pär Åhlström”
    Trond Bølviken and Lauri Koskela
    pp. 49-52
    Paper in PDF

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