Volume 2 Issue 1 - April 2005

Volume 2 Issue 1 – April 2005

ISSN 1555-1369


  • “Flexibility In Long-Term Contractual Relationships: The Role Of Co-Operation.”
    David Campbell and Donald Harris.
    pp. 5-29
    Paper in PDF
  • “Relational Contracting – Creating Value Beyond The Project.”
    Barbara Colledge
    pp. 30-45
    Paper in PDF
  • “Integrated Project Delivery An Example Of Relational Contracting.”
    Owen Mathews and Gregory A. Howell
    pp. 46-61
    Paper in PDF
  • “PPC2000: Association of Consultant Architects Standard Form Of Project Partnering Contract.”
    Katie Saunders and David Mosey
    pp. 62-66
    Paper in PDF
  • “Project Alliancing: A Relational Contracting Mechanism For Dynamic Projects.”
    Matthew W. Sakal
    pp. 67-79
    Paper in PDF
  • “Relational Contracts – NEC in Perspective.” Robert Gerrard
    pp. 80-86
    Paper in PDF
  • “The Application Of Lean Principles To In-Service Support: A Comparison Between Construction And The Aerospace And Defence Sectors.”
    Penny-Anne Cullen , Bob Butcher , Richard Hickman , John Keast , and Miguel Valadez
    pp. 87-104
    Paper in PDF
  • “Sutter Health: Developing a Contracting Model to Support Lean Project Delivery.”
    William A. Lichtig
    pp. 105-112
    Paper in PDF

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