Instruction For Reviewes

Instruction For Reviewers

The job of an LCJ reviewer is to provide critical, useful, kind, and constructive reviews of submissions and to help make papers better, to the benefit of both the authors and their readers. To that end, reviewers should provide specific feedback and suggestions and may engage in a dialogue with the authors. The normal journal review guidelines also apply; namely, make sure the paper belongs in this journal, is clearly written, is aware of and cites relevant publications and practices, and follows LCJ formatting guidelines. Questions and concerns should be directed to the LCJ Editors. Reviewers will receive manuscripts electronically via email with a 3-week turn-around period.


  • Relevance to the journal’s scope which is to “stimulate a systematic rethinking of the construction process both on and off-site”.
  • Originality and value to enhancing the theory and/or practice of Lean Construction.
  • Soundness of arguments for the problem issue being addresses by the paper.
  • Appropriateness and Correctness of methodology.
  • Importance of the paper contribution to the advancement of Lean Construction.
  • Clarity of presentation and structure of the paper (readability, abstract, main body, figures, tables, etc).
  • Sufficiency of references to Lean Construction published literature (please list any missing references that the author should include).
  • Suggested improvements for author(s).

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