2020 Issue

2020 ISSUE

ISSN 1555-1369


  • “Supplier Development: The Gateway to Supply Chain Management in the Construction Industry”
    Glenn Ballard and Jan Elfving
    pp. 01-41
    Paper in PDF
  • “Extending the Last Planner System® to the Entire Project “
    Glenn Ballard, Hajnalka Vaagen, William Kay, Bill Stevens and Mauricio Pereira
    pp. 42-77
    Paper in PDF
  • “Optimizing Construction Design Process Using the Lean Based Approach”
    Mughees Aslam, Zhili Gao, and Gary Smith
    pp. 176-204
    Paper in PDF


  • “Last Planner System® in Design”
    Stan Chiu and Bruce Cousins
    pp. 78-99
    Paper in PDF
  • “LPS® UPDATE: Location Based Planning Report”
    Henry Nutt, Klas Berghede, Sabina Oah, and Glenn Ballard
    pp. 100-118
    Paper in PDF
  • “THE NEW LPS® METRICS – What They Are, Why They Are Needed and Where They Are Used “
    Digby Christian and Mauricio Pereira
    pp. 119-140
    Paper in PDF
  • “Learning from Breakdowns in the Last Planner System® 
    Brian Wilkinson, Tony Lowe, and Mauricio Pereira
    pp. 141-153
    Paper in PDF




Download All Memoriam Contributions

  • “Greg Alvin Howell: Lean Construction Pioneer and Unshakeable Ally”
    Tariq Sami Abdelhamid
    pp. i-iv
    Paper in PDF
  • “Greg Alvin Howell: In Memoriam “
    Glenn Ballard
    pp. 154-159
    Paper in PDF
  • “Greg Alvin Howell: “A Special Person and Exceptional Leader”
    Victor Ortiz
    pp. 160-161
    Paper in PDF
  • “Greg Alvin Howell: Aristotle and the Barbarian”
    Fritz Gehbauer
    pp. 162-163
    Paper in PDF
  • “Greg Alvin Howell: Teaching Through Simulation”
    Min Liu
    pp. 164-165
    Paper in PDF
  • “Greg Alvin Howell: Authenticity and Approachability Redefined” 
    Dan Fauchier
    pp. 166-167
    Paper in PDF
  • “Greg Alvin Howell: Teaching Through Caring and Connection “
    Luis F. Alarcón
    pp. 168-169
    Paper in PDF
  • “Greg Alvin Howell: Storyteller”
    Klaus Lemke
    pp. 170-171
    Paper in PDF
  • “Greg Alvin Howell:  Scholar, Collaborator and Friend”
    Lauri Koskela
    pp. 172-173
    Paper in PDF
  • “Greg Alvin Howell:  Unforgettable Summer”
    Rebecca Snelling
    pp. 174-175
    Paper in PDF

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