2010 Issue

2010 ISSUE

ISSN 1555-1369


  • “Step-by-Step Modularity – a Roadmap for Building Service Development.”
    Martin Lennartsson and Anders Björnfot
    pp. 17-29
    Paper in PDF
  • “Investigation of the Supply Chain of Wooden Doors.”
    Reymard Sávio S. de Melo and Thais da C. L. Alves.
    pp. 30-42
    Paper in PDF
  • “The Combination of Last Planner System®and Location-Based Management System.”
    Olli Seppänen ,Glenn Ballard , and Sakari Pesonen.
    Paper in PDF
  • “Analyzing User Costs in a Hospital: Methodological Implication of Space Syntax to Support Whole-Life Target Value.”
    Youngchul Kim and Hyun Woo Lee.
    Paper in PDF
  • “Social Construction: Understanding Construction in a Human Context.”
    Christine A. Slivon , Gregory A. Howell , Lauri Koskela , John Rooke.
    pp. 66-75
    Paper in PDF
  • “The Impact of Path Dependencies on Lean Implementation within a Construction Company – A Case Study.”
    Nicola Morrey, Christine Pasquire, and Andrew Dainty.
    pp. 86-96
    Paper in PDF
  • “A3: Decision Analysis Using Virtual First-Run Study of a Viscous Damping Wall System” Hung
    V. Nguyen, Baris Lostuvali, Iris D. Tommelein.
    pp. 99-101
    Paper in PDF
  • “Case Study of Using an Integrated 5D System in a Large Hospital Construction Project.”
    Tanmaya Kala , Olli Seppänen , and Claire Stein.
    pp. 102-112
    Paper in PDF


  • “Standards and Measures – Whole-building Metrics Driving Innovation and High Performance.”
    Mark Sands
    pp. 1-16
    Paper in PDF
  • “Competition and Collaboration are not mutually exclusive”
    John Strickland
    pp. 76-85
    Paper in PDF


  • “The Simply Lean Pocket Guide for Construction Tools for the Elimination of Waste in the Design-Bid-Build Construction Project Cycle.”
    Sven Bertelsen
    pp. 97-98
    Paper in PDF

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