2011 Issue

2011 ISSUE

ISSN 1555-1369


  • “Interaction in the construction process-System effects for a joinery-products supplier.”
    Samuel Forsman , Anders Bystedt and Micael Öhman
    pp. 01-18
    Paper in PDF
  • “Lean production, value chain and sustainability in precast concrete factory – a case study in Singapore.”
    Wu Peng and Low Sui Pheng
    pp. 92-109
    Paper in PDF


  • “Using a design-build contract for Lean Integrated Project Delivery.” Joel Darrington
    pp. 85-91
    Paper in PDF


  • “Target Value Design: Current Benchmark (1.0)” Glenn Ballard
    pp. 79-84
    Paper in PDF


  • “Toyota Culture” Matthew Horvat
    pp. 1-2
    Paper in PDF
  • “Build Lean: Transforming construction using Lean Thinking”
    Gregory Howell
    pp. 3-8
    Paper in PDF
  • “Schedule for Sale: Workface Planning for Construction Projects”
    Glenn Ballard and James Choo
    pp. 9-18
    Paper in PDF


  • “Editorial: Lean and Integrated Project Delivery.”
    Ryan E. Smith , Alan Mossman & Stephen Emmitt
    pp. 01-16
    Paper in PDF
  • “Implementing Integrated Project Delivery on Department of the Navy construction projects.”
    Michael S. Singleton and Farook R. Hamzeh
    pp. 17-31
    Paper in PDF
  • “Transitioning to Integrated Project Delivery: Potential barriers and lessons learned”
    Reza Ghassemi and Burcin Becerik-Gerber
    pp. 32-52
    Paper in PDF
  • “What makes the delivery of a project integrated? A case study of Children’s Hospital, Bellevue, WA.”
    Yong-Woo Kim and Carrie Sturts Dossick
    pp. 53-66
    Paper in PDF
  • “Last Planner® and Integrated Project Delivery.”
    Seongkyun Cho and Glenn Ballard.
    pp. 67-78
    Paper in PDF

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