2022 Issue

2022 ISSUE

ISSN 1555-1369


  • “Lean Construction Journal Editors’ Note: 2022 Issue”
    pp. i-iv
    Paper in PDF


  • “Ontology for Virtualization of Lean Construction Games”
    Gunnar Lucko and Bolivar A. Senior
    pp. 01-23
    Paper in PDF
  • “Challenges of Performance Measurement in Lean Construction and the Last Planner System®: A Norwegian Case”
    Lena E. Bygballe, Sanne K. Sand-Holm, Ceyda Pakoglu, and Fredrik Svalestuen
    pp. 24-40
    Paper in PDF
  • A Theoretical Framework Based on a Quantitative Assessment of the Interaction Between Commonly Used Lean Construction Tools and Techniques Through the Project Management Knowledge Areas”
    Manuel Villanueva, Haiying Ma, Janni Tjell, Gonzalo Ramos, and José Turmo
    pp. 41-61
    Paper in PDF
  • “Development of a Management System to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings by Integrating IoT and BIM”
    Ehsan Saghatforoush, Hamidreza Abbasianjahromi, Mohammad Amin Talaghat, and  Zahra Kahvandi
    pp. 82-104
    Paper in PDF
  • “Development of Interpretative Structural Modelling (ISM) Based Lean Construction Implementation Framework”
    Mughees Aslam, Zhili Gao, Gary Smith, Ying Huang, and Megan Orr
    pp. 105-129
    Paper in PDF
  • “Is Construction Industry Still Performing Worse Than Other Industries?”
    Jan Elfving and Olli Seppänen
    pp. 130-141
    Paper in PDF
  • “Putting the Collaborative Style of a Successful Football Team in a Lean Construction Context ”
    Tobias Onshuus Malvik
    pp. 142-155
    Paper in PDF
  • “Envisioning a Human Centric Approach to C4.0 Technologies”
    Karim Noueihed and Farook Hamzeh
    pp. 156-170
    Paper in PDF
  • “Uncovering and visualizing Work Process Interruptions through quantitative Workflow Analysis ”
    Christopher Görsch, Alaa Al Barazi, Olli Seppänen, and Hisham Abou Ibrahim
    pp. 171-183
    Paper in PDF
  • “Stabilizing Operations Workflow in Construction with Real-Time Monitoring of Craft Labor Crews”
    Amin Abbaszadegan, Fernanda Cruz Rios, David Grau, Rizwan Assainar, Ram Ganapathy, and Cristobal Diosdado
    pp. 184-205
    Paper in PDF
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  • An Implementation of Lean Approach to Achieve Working Time Efficiency in Precast Factory”
    Roland Gasenda Suryaningrat, Indradi Wijatmiko, and Yatnanta Padma Devia
    pp. 62-81
    Paper in PDF





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