Introduction to The Last Planner System® eLearning with downloadable resources!

Introduction to The Last Planner System® eLearning with downloadable resources!

Introduction to The Last Planner System® eLearning with downloadable resources!

The LCI Immersive Education Program launched Introduction to The Last Planner System® as its first eLearning course that will award a certificate of completion and a badge eLearners can add to their email signature to show they are on the path to advancing their Lean journey.

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E-Learners will only receive the downloadable badge and certificate when they complete the knowledge checks and final assessment with a score of 80% or higher. With the videos, downloadable resources, diagrams and hands-on interaction, eLearners can expect to retain up to 60% more information than with Instructor-Led Training (ILT) in the classroom!

Why is Last Planner System® (LPS®) education important to the design and construction industry?

When asked how well current project planning practices can predict how much work will be completed in a week, foremen with at least 15 years of experience were surveyed and reported only 54% of the work was completed. When work does not get finished, the entire schedule and budget are impacted. Today, 70% of projects are delivered late and 73% are over budget; but Lean processes like LPS® will improve project outcomes.

LPS includes five connected conversations or levels that help superintendents, foremen and project teams:

  • achieve predictable flow;
  • build trust;
  • reduce schedule variance;
  • give a larger leadership role to trade partners; and
  • improve safety.

The Introduction to The Last Planner System® eLearning will allow busy Lean design and construction practitioners to gain in-depth, practical knowledge for effective LPS® implementation in 60% less time than learning in the classroom by accessing eLearning from any smart device at any time. We anticipate participants will invest an average of 90 minutes in this course.

LCI corporate member exclusive volume discount! Are you an LCI corporate member seeking to educate more people in less time? Email [email protected], to discuss LCI corporate member volume discounts of up to 75% off the already discounted member pricing!

The eLearning doesn’t stop there! Introduction to Lean Project Delivery and Lean in the Design Phase eLearning are available now. LCI is always developing new eLearning courses  such as Mindset of an Effective Big Room to provide a continuous learning path for Lean professionals seeking to improve the way they work.

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